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  • Facilitating Venture Funding and Risk Capital Provision 14 June 2017

    Amid the abrupt changes in the industry structure and global market environment, traditional industries that used to be the backbone of Korea’s economic growth are waning. Furthermore, Korea’s rapid population ageing has stalled economic growth, while youth unemployment has risen as a social problem amid growth without employment. Against the backdrop, there have been more social ca..

  • Corporate Restructuring: Challenges and Solutions 31 May 2017

    Slowed growth in the global economy, changes in the industry structure, and external uncertainties have undermined Korea’s competitiveness in the heavy, export industries. Without a timely restructuring process of less-competitive industries and marginal firms, the Korean economy will run into a vicious cycle of inefficiency in limited resources leading to a further fall in the eco..

  • Public Hearing on the Personal Pensions Bill 24 February 2017

    With the growing interest in the preparation for post-retirement life amid Korea’s rapid population ageing, personal pension assets have shown remarkable growth in quantity. However, asset management of existing products is often left out as financial institutions continue to develop new annuity products to cope with tax regime changes. This predisposes financial consumers to choo..

  • Public Hearing on the Money Market Bill 09 February 2017

    The money market is a market place where financial institutions exchange short-term liquidity, playing a crucial role in the stability of the whole financial system. Since the 2008 global financial crisis, major developed countries have concentrated their policy efforts on improving stability and transparency of the money market. For example, the US and Europe are trying to rein in f..

  • 2017 Capital Markets Outlook and Policy Directions 25 January 2017

    The year of 2017 has arrived. This year is expected to observe uncertainties rising in the global economy due to leadership changes in major economies, growing protectionism, weakening international policy coordination, etc. Accordingly, the path ahead of Korea’s capital markets and the financial investment industry seems rockier than ever. This seminar will explore the environ..

  • KCMI-KFA Joint Symposium 06 October 2016

    Korea Capital Market Institute and the Korean Finance Association will co-host a symposium under the theme of Korea’s M&A market status and role. An M&A is a major event attracting huge attention due to its social and economic spillover. In addition, it is a crucial tool via which to boost economic efficiency by enabling businesses to reshape the business structure, advance ..

  • The Present and Future of Pension Investment Management 28 September 2016

    In the era of population aging, life expectancy as long as 100 years without sufficient financial preparation can be a curse rather than a blessing. Korea is turning to an aging society at an unprecedentedly rapid pace. The OECD has long recommended to achieve a 70% income replacement rate via a multi-polar pension system. Although Korea accordingly established the institutional fra..

  • Policy Directions for Money Market Facilitation 17 August 2016

    Although unsecured call transactions were effectively replaced by secured repo transactions in Korea’s money market thanks to government-led market reforms and self-help efforts initiated by market participants in the post-crisis era, the market still faces numerous challenges requiring improvements. Despite the quantitative growth in the repo market for the past few years, super s..

  • Capital Markets and Securities Industry Development 16 June 2016

    At the wake of the global financial crisis, global capital markets including Korea’s have faced a rapidly changing environment amid tightened investment banking regulation and the rise of IT-based finance. For several years, Korea’s securities industry has observed their business profitability deteriorate, and concerns are mounting that the industry’s lackluster performance may..

  • Global Economic Risk Factors and Responses 12 April 2016

     Global economic uncertainties surrounding Korea have grown further since the beginning of this year. After the interest rate cut at the end of 2015, the real economy in the US began contracting again amid mounting concerns about deflation in Europe. In pursuit of economic recovery with Abenomics at the head, Japan joined the negative interest rate club recently, further exacer..