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  • Exploring the Role of Capital Markets in Financing for Innovative Firms 12 June 2018

    In the face of a changing global environment, Korea, which is plagued by slow economic growth and youth unemployment, desperately needs the growth of innovative companies in new industries built upon the digital revolution. Growing innovative businesses in new industries, such as big data, FinTech, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IOT) and bioengineering,..

  • Direction of Financial Benchmark Legislation 31 May 2018

    Since the global financial crisis in 2008, there have been continuing policy efforts to improve the stability and transparency of the financial system. Strengthening public supervision of benchmarks used in financial transactions (interest rate benchmarks) is emerging as the most important and attention-grabbing international policy agenda in relation to financial regulatory reform...

  • Blockchain and Its Application in Financial Markets 23 April 2018

    Korea Capital Market Institute (KCMI) and the Korean Finance Association (KFA) are very pleased to co-host the 2018 Spring Symposium under the theme of “Blockchain and Its Application in Financial Markets”, which will bring together KFA members, a panel of experts and other interested parties.  Don Tapscott, a well-known futurist who has predicted changes brought by digi..

  • Innovative Finance, Cross-border Transaction and Regulatory Harmony 02 February 2018

    These days innovation is becoming more important as a key driver of economic growth. Innovative startups take the lead in innovation, but professional investors can be also regarded as a main engine of innovative growth in that they provide entrepreneurial capital to startup firms. Because of severe information asymmetries inherent in the industry, innovative firms are unable to gro..

  • 2018 Capital Markets Outlook and Policy Directions 24 January 2018

    The new year 2018 has started with fresh vibes and great vigor. This year is imbued with expectations for a full-fledged economic recovery, which began last year, and another leap forward for capital markets in Korea. However, this year also faces uncertainties over directions and effects of interest rate hikes at home and abroad, drastic changes in the industrial structure brought by..

  • The Role of Finance for Innovative Growth 06 November 2017

    ‘Innovative growth’ is recently attracting much attention as a key policy topic pertinent to the Korean economy. As you know, innovation adds economic value and creates jobs, thereby serving as a main growth engine for companies and economies. Furthermore, the fourth industrial revolution is much talked about amid advances in information technology. At this juncture, the role of i..

  • Roles of Capital Markets for Another Leap Forward 20 September 2017

    Korea’s economy is at a critical juncture. It is no exaggeration to say that whether the Korean economy cap take another leap or not largely depends on the roles of the capital markets. The capital markets are expected to assume various responsibilities, such as providing innovative capital for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, financing job growth, helping the public to accumulat..

  • A Better Tax System for Capital Gains on Financial Investment Products 15 September 2017

      On August 29, the Korean government unveiled its masterplan for taxation policy that proposes a clear direction toward a people-first economy and tax justice for the next five years. As the direction prioritizes innovative growth and tax equity, a major overhaul is expected in the taxation policy on the capital markets, a main growth engine for the economy. However, shaping out..

  • Facilitating Venture Funding and Risk Capital Provision 14 June 2017

    Amid the abrupt changes in the industry structure and global market environment, traditional industries that used to be the backbone of Korea’s economic growth are waning. Furthermore, Korea’s rapid population ageing has stalled economic growth, while youth unemployment has risen as a social problem amid growth without employment. Against the backdrop, there have been more social ..

  • Corporate Restructuring: Challenges and Solutions 31 May 2017

    Slowed growth in the global economy, changes in the industry structure, and external uncertainties have undermined Korea’s competitiveness in the heavy, export industries. Without a timely restructuring process of less-competitive industries and marginal firms, the Korean economy will run into a vicious cycle of inefficiency in limited resources leading to a further fall in the eco..