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Facilitating Venture Funding and Risk Capital Provision869
14 June 2017Bulls Hall, KOFIA Building, Yeoido
Amid the abrupt changes in the industry structure and global market environment, traditional industries that used to be the backbone of Korea’s economic growth are waning. Furthermore, Korea’s rapid population ageing has stalled economic growth, while youth unemployment has risen as a social problem amid growth without employment. Against the backdrop, there have been more social calls than ever for nurturing venture firms, as part of seeking growth via innovative ideas and technological development, which is expected to serve as an alternative to weather Korea’s current conditions. For venture firms to grow further requires a facilitation in venture funding as well as the risk capital market, and in-depth discussions about concrete plans. The Korean Securities Association and Korea Capital Market Institute will host a policy symposium that brings experts from all relevant areas together to explore Korea’s current conditions and limitations of venture funding, and to seek plans to develop the capital markets in the direction facilitating venture investments.

Although Korea’s market for risk capital has persistently grown under the leadership of the government, it is not without structural limitations, e.g., innate conservativism often found in public sector investments, immaturity of the risk capital ecosystem led by the private sector, lacking diversity in investment exits, etc. This symposium highlights such structural limitations in Korea’s risk capital markets, with the aim to take a retrospective look at the outcomes of government-led venture funding policy and disinvestments. It also focuses on discussions on where Korea’s government-led venture investments should be heading. Furthermore, discussions will include the current state of the private sector-led risk capital market, and how to make structural and institutional improvements seeking to grow and develop the private sector market.
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1 Analysis on the Effects of Government-led Venture Capital Policy (Korean) Kim, Jongmin Add file
2 Private Sector Venture Capital and Future Development (Korean) Song, Chi Seung Add file