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2014 Sep 25
Korea’s Stock Market at a Crossroads: Diagnosis and Reaction Grand Ballroom 1F, The Westin Chosun Hotel
  • Time 09:00~17:10
Korea’s stock market has experienced an unprecedented recession for several years since the global financial crisis. Both the primary and secondary markets have shown the worst slump since the Asian financial crisis. Despite a slight recovery observed recently, uncertainties in Korea’s stock market are real as the economy experiences fundamental changes such as population aging and low growth. 
Against the backdrop, Korea Capital Market Institute will host its 17th anniversary international conference titled “Korea’s Stock Market at a Crossroads”, which will closely look at the challenges faced by Korea’s stock market. By analyzing whether current market trends are linked to changes in the economic environment, participants will discuss in what aspects Korea’s stock market faces a turnaround. Also, overseas cases including Japan, Europe, and Hong Kong will be introduced to draw implications for Korea. Last, how Korea’s stock market can overcome the challenges ahead and shift to the new development path will be covered. More specifically, regulatory reform currently under review (e.g., retirement pension reform, dividend policy) and its implications for Korea’s stock market future will be discussed with necessary reaction by policy authorities and the industry.
Presentation Materials
  • Changes in the Secondary Market Structure and Causes (Korean)Kim, Joon-Seok Download
    • Senior Research Fellow, KCMI  Kim, Joon-Seok
  • Changes in the IPO Market Structure and Causes (Korean)Cho, Sung Hoon Download
    • Senior Research Fellow, KCMI  Cho, Sung Hoon
  • Japanese Securities Market in Aging and Low-Growth Economic EnvironmentYuta Seki Download
    •  Yuta Seki
  • The Truth About IPOs of High Tech CompaniesErik Vermeulen Download
    •  Erik Vermeulen
  • HKEx Listing and Strategy for RMB: What’s next? (Korean)Tae Seok Yoo Download
    •  Tae Seok Yoo
  • Changes in Dividend Policy and Korea’s Stock Market (Korean)Sungmin Kim Download
    •  Sungmin Kim
  • Changes in Retirement Pension Policy and Korea’s Stock Market (Korean)Song, Hong Sun Download
    • Senior Research Fellow, KCMI  Song, Hong Sun