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President’s Message

자본시장연구원장 이미지
President, KCMI Shin, Jhin Young

Welcome to the official website of Korea Capital Market Institute.

I look forward to your continued interest, encouragement and support.

Amid low birth rate and intensifying population aging, the Korean society and economy previously centered on tangible assets-based traditional industries are going through a structural transformation towards innovation-driven industries in the IT and biotechnology sectors. During the shift, Korea is facing daunting challenges posed by the declining potential growth rate and the need for boosting overall economic dynamics. For the Korean economy to address these challenges, its accumulated assets should be managed efficiently to provide more venture capital for innovative entrepreneurs. At the same time, a virtuous circle needs to be established to ensure that the success of those entrepreneurs leads to better asset management performance and income security for the elderly. Since the Korean economy and capital markets, the main pillar of the global economy, are repeatedly exposed to risks including the global financial crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to attain stability in the economy and financial market. Growth and innovation of capital markets are essential for the Korean economy to recover its growth driver and enhance overall risk management capabilities. Furthermore, it is an urgent issue to integrate technological innovation with the growth engine of Korea's capital markets, at a time when rapid technological advancement is creating a paradigm shift in capital markets.

Since its inception in 1997, Korea Capital Market Institute (KCMI), the only capital markets' think tank in Korea, has continued policy research for Korea's capital market development under the mission of leading concerted efforts to promote Korea's economic growth through capital market advancement. KCMI will endeavor to contribute to the next leap forward of the Korean economy and capital markets by identifying research projects and delivering excellent research outcomes that would foster the growth and innovation of capital markets.

Thank you.