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President’s Message

자본시장연구원장 이미지
President, KCMI Young S. Park

Welcome to the official website of Korea Capital Market Institute.

I look forward to your continued interest, encouragement and support.

Nowadays, the Korean economy is facing a host of serious structural problems. The slow economic growth has been persistent, and at the same time the job creation remains weak and insufficient. For the Korean economy to address the daunting challenges and achieve sustainable growth, its paradigm must be shifted toward innovation-driven growth on the back of ICT convergence and biotechnology applications. It is self-evident that capital markets should play a central role in providing and channeling financing for innovative entrepreneurs with creative ideas and technology.

Korea Capital market Institute (KCMI) is fully committed to delivering research outcomes that would contribute to Korea’s capital market development in terms of both quantity and quality. KCMI will also strive to identify policy priorities with respect to the capital markets and present appropriate solutions to ensure that financial investment companies enhance their competitiveness while putting financial consumer protection at the core of everything they do, thereby driving innovation and sustainable growth in the Korean economy. Since its inception in 1997, KCMI has continued capital markets research and studies, proving itself as the best capital markets’ think tank in Korea. KCMI research fellows and staff will endeavor to meet your expectations by providing a continuing flow of excellent research, with believing that it is our mission to contribute not only to the growth and development of the capital markets and financial investment industry but also to the Korean economy’s next leap forward through capital markets research.

Thank you