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2019 Sep 04
Guidelines on NPS Shareholder Activities Bulls Hall, 3F, KOFIA Bldg.
  • Time 14:00~16:00
  • Host National Pension Research Institute, Korea Capital Market Institute
Since NPS joined the Korea Stewardship Code in July 2018, the market has raised expectations that institutional investors’ active ownership could improve the governance of listed companies in Korea, which could lead to an improvement to the Korea discount. On another front, however, there are concerns that the shift of NPS towards shareholder activism could deter corporate activities and their efficient decision making.

It is against this backdrop that KCMI and NPRI bring experts together to discuss ways to develop NPS’s shareholder activities towards productive future. We ask investors, companies, regulators, and all of those interested in this crucial issue to join the hearing and share insights. Hopefully, this public hearing could help put a stepping stone for a sound investment culture and ceaseless growth of the Korean capital markets.
Presentation Materials
  • Shareholder Activities of NPS: Issues and Implications (Korean)Park, Chang GyunKim, MinkiHwang, Seiwoon Download
    • Vice President, KCMI  Park, Chang Gyun
    • Research Fellow, KCMI  Kim, Minki
    • Senior Research Fellow, KCMI  Hwang, Seiwoon
  • Shareholder Activities of NPS: Scope and Procedure (Korean)Park, Sunyoung Download
    • Research Fellow, KCMI  Park, Sunyoung