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2019 Oct 02
Digitalization in Financial Investment Services Grand Ballroom, 3F, Conrad Hotel, Seoul
  • Time 10:00~16:00
  • Host Korea Capital Market Institute
The financial investment services industry has faced unprecedented changes sparked by digital innovation. Admittedly, high entry barriers, business expertise, and customer loyalty used to deter changes in the industry. More recently, however, the global financial investment services industry is converging with up-to-date ICT technologies, making ceaseless innovation in the direction towards greater client benefits via fast and cost-effective services that better cater to customer needs.
To cope with such changes proactively, global financial services providers have been not only supplying innovative growth firms with venture capital but also increasing their investment in ICT infrastructure for every corner of their business from investment banking and asset management to product sales and proprietary trading. In the meantime, global exchanges and other market infrastructure providers have spearheaded digital innovation, aggressively merging ICT firms as well as providing innovative intermediary services and regtech solutions. It is regrettable that Korea’s financial investment services industry has yet to demonstrate a genuine interest in this area.

Against this background, Korea Capital Market Institute holds a conference titled “Digitalization in Financial Investment Services” under which to look at the current trends and best practices of digital innovation and present future directions for Korea’s financial investment services industry.
  • 10:00 ~ 10:10
    Opening Remarks
    Young S. Park (President, Korea Capital Market Institute)
  • 10:10 ~ 10:20
    Congratulatory Remarks
    Sung-soo Eun (Chairman, Financial Services Commission)
  • 10:20 ~ 10:30
    Congratulatory Remarks
    Yong Won Kwon (Chairman, Korea Financial Investment Association)
Session 1 Digitalization-Driven Changes in Financial Services
  • 10:30 ~ 11:00
    Digital Disruption in Financial Services: Key Trends and Case Studies
    Semyon Yakovlev
    (Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company / Co-Leader of FIG Practice in Europe)
  • 11:00 ~ 11:30
    Digital Innovation Challenges for Korea’s Financial Investment Services Industry
    Hyo Seob Lee (Senior Research Fellow, KCMI)
  • 11:30 ~ 13:00
Session 2 Digitalization Experiences in Financial Investment Services
  • 13:00 ~ 13:30
    Financial Innovation in Global Investment Banks: Goldman Sachs’ Experience
    Nicholas Peach (Managing Director of Electronic Trading, Goldman Sachs Hong Kong)
  • 13:30 ~ 14:00
    Financial Innovation in Global Market Infrastructure: NASDAQ’s Experience
    Emma Shand (Global Head of Advisory Services, NASDAQ)
  • 14:00 ~ 14:10
    Coffee Break
Session 3 Towards Digitalization of Financial Investment Services in Korea
  • 14:10 ~ 14:40
    Data and Financial Innovation
    Min Kyeong Kwon (Research Fellow, KCMI)
  • 14:40 ~ 15:10
    Regtech Discussion within IOSCO Framework
    Yong Tae Kim (Deputy Director of Fintech Innovation, Financial Supervisory Service)
Wrap-Up and Q&A
  • 15:10 ~ 16:00
    ㆍYooshin Jung [Chair]
       (Chairman, Fintech Center Korea)
    ㆍEmma Shand (NASDAQ)
    ㆍHyo Seob Lee (KCMI)
    ㆍMin Kyeong Kwon (KCMI)
    ㆍNicholas Peach (Goldman Sachs Hong Kong)
    ㆍSemyon Yakovlev (McKinsey&Company)
    ㆍYong Tae Kim (Financial Supervisory Service)
                      * in alphabetical order by first name