Periodicals Publication date Feb. 20, 2024
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Our bi-weekly Opinion provides you with latest updates and analysis on major capital market and financial investment industry issues.

Economic Outlook
2024 Macroeconomic Outlook Maco-Financial Analysis Division
In 2024, the Fed is likely to cut its key interest rate by 100bp as the US economy is expected to land softly (2.5% in 2023 to 1.6% in 2024) and inflation is projected to move closer to the Fed's target level (4.1% to 2.3%) despite fears of a recession due to monetary tightening. The Bank of Korea is also expected to decrease its key rate by 50bp amid expectations that the Sout...
Key Macroeconomic Issues for 2024 Maco-Financial Analysis Division
This article analyzes key macroeconomic issues for the South Korean and global economy in 2024 by assessing the possible return to low rates due to the monetary policy shift of the US and Korea. It also explores two Korea-specific risk factors: the risk of a delayed recovery in private consumption; and the risk of real estate PFs due to the deteriorating profitability of the co...
Capital Markets Outlook and Key Issues for 2024 Capital Markets Division
In 2023, the Korean stock market witnessed positive changes, marked by substantial increases in both the KOSPI and KOSDAQ and a shift from foreign investors’ fund outflows to inflows. Amid expectations of entering the recovery phase in 2024 beyond the low point in 2023 and corporate performance improvements, the Korean stock market is poised for favorable performance in 2024. N...
Securities Industry: Outlook and Key Issues for 2024 Financial Services Industry Division
In 2024, the securities industry is projected to witness profitability improvements in key business segments, buoyed by higher economic growth rates and government policies aimed at stimulating the stock market. The brokerage segment is expected to benefit from increased trading value, fueled by expectations of economic recovery and stock market revitalization policies, leading...
Asset Management Industry: Outlook and Key Issues for 2024 Fund & Pension Division
Recently, the change in demand structure has become a topic of discussion in the global asset management market and is expected to have a significant impact on South Korea's asset management market in 2024. The asset management market and industry will be affected in various ways by the acceleration of recent trends such as the popularization of asset management services backed...