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2011 Apr 28
Asian Financial Collaboration at a Crossroads Grand Ballroom, Annex Building, The Plaza Hotel
  • Time 09:00~16:40
Since the recent financial crisis, the global community has been actively talking about the need to reorganize the global currency regime. The discussions revolve around important issues for the Korean economy and capital markets, such as the Chinese yuan’s growing international influence and the rapid emergence of the Chinese economy. Also notable is the internationalization policy pursued by the Chinese government. These issues are relevant to Asia’s financial collaboration. Korea and China have large foreign exchange reserves, and finding effective ways to manage those reserves has become a very important challenge in financial policies. Against this backdrop, the Korea Capital Market Institute and the Institute of Finance and Banking, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences are holding an international conference. Experts from Korea, China, and Japan, as well as ADBI personnel will be invited to discuss issues related to the Chinese yuan’s internalization, and how to manage foreign exchange reserves. After the discussion, experts will seek ways for effective financial collaboration in Asia. We look forward to active participation by those who have a keen interest in the new global currency regime and the future of Korea’s and Asia’s economy. Hyoung-Tae Kim, President, Korea Capital Market Institute Guo Gang Wang, Director General, Institute of Finance and Banking, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Program Down
Presentation Materials
  • Reflections on the Reform of International Monetary SystemWang Guogang Download
    •  Wang Guogang
  • Financial Cooperation in East Asia and Its Future DirectionWataru Takahashi Download
    •  Wataru Takahashi
  • Asian Financial Collaboration at a Crossroads - From ABMI to ACMI -Hyoung-Tae Kim Download
    •  Hyoung-Tae Kim
  • RMB internationalization and its implications for China and the worldXiaojing ZHANG Download
    •  Xiaojing ZHANG
  • RMB Internationalization and Its Implications for Korea’s Capital MarketsYu-Hua An Download
    •  Yu-Hua An
  • China`s International Reserves: A Matter of DevelopmentCheng Lian Download
    •  Cheng Lian
  • Korea`s Foreign Exchange Reserves Management and ChallengesLEE, Seungho Download
    • Senior Research Fellow, KCMI  LEE, Seungho