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2015 Jun 18
KOSDAQ: Current State and Challenges for Future Development Bull’s Hall, 3F, KOFIA Building
  • Time 14:00~16:40
As improving financial industry competitiveness for the creative economy is being discussed as part of the financial reform, increasing the supply of risk capital and facilitating the exit market have emerged as a critical issue. Furthermore, the Korea Exchange has been reorganized to bring in competition between KOSPI and KOSDAQ markets. 
Under the circumstances, it is necessary to bring experts together to discuss whether the KOSDAQ rally at the beginning of this year is a precursor to another bubble or fundamental-based revaluation. KOSDAQ is required to play a greater role than ever at a time when financing SMEs and middle-market companies is critical as Korea’s future growth driver, and when investors have demand for higher returns under the low interest rate environment.
This policy symposium is organized by the Korean Securities Association and Korea Capital Market Institute to discuss KOSDAQ’s current problems as well as much-needed improvements in its market structure for future development. We kindly ask for active participation by academia, industry, and financial authorities in this important symposium. 
Presentation Materials
  • Quantitative Analysis on KOADAQ (Korean)Hwang, Seiwoon Download
    • Senior Research Fellow, KCMI  Hwang, Seiwoon
  • Improvements on KOSDAQ Market Structure for Future Development (Korean)Kyungsik Um Download
    •  Kyungsik Um