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2015 Aug 21
Annuitization and Efficient Pension Asset Management Auditorium, 1F, KFPA Building
  • Time 14:00~16:00
As of 2014, Korea’s pension assets amounted to KRW 836 trillion or 56% of nominal GDP. The National Pension Fund, Korea’s national pension, accounts for more than a half, while private pensions including retirement pensions and personal pensions represent KRW 100 trillion and KRW 270 trillion, respectively. Whether or not the quantitative growth in those three pension assets will substantially enhance post-retirement income security is now a national agenda. Korea should formulate concrete plans to improve management efficiency of pension assets, and facilitate annuitization. Also necessary is seeking ways to support the interplay between growing pensions and financial markets for greater efficiency and stability. In this regard, the Korea Institute of Finance, Korea Capital Market Institute, and Korea Insurance Research Institute will co-host this policy seminar to look for how to improve fund management of public pensions as well as how to facilitate private pensions including personal pensions. Also, participants will propose necessary improvements on pension taxation.
Presentation Materials
  • Plans to Improve NPF Asset Management (Korean)Bomi Lee Download
    •  Bomi Lee
  • Facilitation of Private Pensions (Korean)Nam, Chaewoo Download
    • Research Fellow, KCMI  Nam, Chaewoo
  • Plans for Pension Taxation Improvements (Korean)Wonseok Jung Download
    •  Wonseok Jung