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2015 Oct 15
Internationalization of Korea’s Asset Management Industry: Challenges and Future Directions Bulls Hall, KOFIA Building
  • Time 14:00~17:00

For the past years, Korea’s economy has faced low growth and low interest rates. Given Korea’s structural changes such as population ageing, such a tendency is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. This has increased and will increase burden on three pillars of the asset management industry; investors, the market, and asset management companies.

Against the backdrop, internationalization is essential for the industry’s growth. Investors should tap into overseas investments for better and more efficient management of their retirement assets. Asset management companies need to cater to domestic investors’ overseas investment demand and create demand in overseas markets. Internationalization will certainly enhance the depth and width of the market. All of those have become the rationale behind government efforts to receive a wide range of opinions and devise policy measures for the past few years. Although they have produced substantial progress, there is still a long way to go.

Korea Capital Market Institute will hold a policy seminar titled “Internationalization of Korea’s Asset Management Industry: Challenges and Future Directions”. Participants will discuss the roles that key decision makers such as the government and asset management companies should play to achieve three goals: increasing Korean investors’ overseas investments; building an asset management center; and creating overseas demand.

Presentation Materials
  • Internationalization of Korea’s Asset Management Industry (Korean)Kim, Jaechil Download
    • Senior Research Fellow, KCMI  Kim, Jaechil
  • Growing Overseas Investments and Building an Asset Management Center (Korean)Nam, Chaewoo Download
    • Research Fellow, KCMI  Nam, Chaewoo
  • Overseas Expansion of Asset Managers: Challenges and Strategies (Korean)Kim, Jongmin Download
    • Senior Research Fellow, KCMI  Kim, Jongmin