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2016 Apr 12
Global Economic Risk Factors and Responses Bulls Hall, KOFIA Building
  • Time 15:00~17:30
 Global economic uncertainties surrounding Korea have grown further since the beginning of this year. After the interest rate cut at the end of 2015, the real economy in the US began contracting again amid mounting concerns about deflation in Europe. In pursuit of economic recovery with Abenomics at the head, Japan joined the negative interest rate club recently, further exacerbating uncertainties in the global financial market. Furthermore, the continued economic downturn in China that has ever-growing economic ties with Korea triggered repeated financial unrest such as stock market plunges and yuan depreciation.
 Such global economic uncertainties are posing potential risks for Korea’s economy. Korea’s exports have fallen as the global economic recovery has stalled. And global financial unrest has drastically pushed up volatility in Korea’s stock and foreign exchange markets. Against the backdrop, the Korea International Finance Association and Korea Capital Market Institute will host a joint seminar titled “Global Economic Risk Factors and Responses”. This seminar will bring together leading experts from the academia and industry for multi-faceted, in-depth discussions.
Presentation Materials
  • China Risk: Assessment and Evaluation (Korean)Kyungsoo Kim Download
    • Professor, Department of Global Economics, Sungkyunkwan University  Kyungsoo Kim
  • US Interest Rate Rise and Emerging Currency Outlook (Korean)LEE, Seungho Download
    • Senior Research Fellow, KCMI  LEE, Seungho
  • Negative Interest Rates: Impacts and Problems (Korean)Kyungwook Choi Download
    • Professor, School of Economics ,University Of Seoul  Kyungwook Choi